Why is it important to care for carers?

It is no secret that providing home care to a loved one can be demanding, yet incredibly rewarding. Making sure that your loved one receives the best care is important but taking care of yourself and making sure you’re rested is just as important.

The importance of carers

About a third of caring positions are undertaken by primary carers, who usually step into the role out of a desire to assist a loved one. Not only do these carers have no expectation of being compensated for their work, but according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, over one-third of them are living with a disability themselves.

While primary carers are simply happy to be of help to their loved ones, everyone has a limit to how much they are able to take upon themselves. And when that limit is reached, carers need access to take a step back from work and stress.

Know when you’re overdoing things

Carers burnout can and does happen to many carers. It’s important to take into account: 

  • Your physical and mental health limits
  • Other responsibilities in your life
  • Career responsibilities

Asking for help

There is no shame in telling the person you care for that you need help to manage their care needs. As primary carers have an important role in the lives of those they care for, stepping away temporarily to take care of their own emotional and psychological health can bring on some guilt. They may feel they’re letting their loved one down. If a primary carer is finding it difficult to cope, recognising the signs and reaching out should be encouraged.

Respite Care

Community Access Care provides respite services to give carers a break from their caring role, and take time to focus on their own wellbeing. Our short term respite accommodation provides Participants with the opportunity to have a small holiday away from home. This allows their carer to have a break and recharge in the full knowledge that their loved one is being well taken care of. 

Our in-home respite covers a carer’s duties, providing for a Participant’s day to day needs. This service can cover for a carer so they can have a few hours to themselves, or may even extend to an overnight stay. Anything that can be done to make the lives of carers a little easier is worthwhile. At CAC, we appreciate the incredible job they do and will continue to offer services to support them.

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