What support is there for a child with Autism?

Autism is a disability that affects different people in different ways. It is most commonly associated with a reduced capacity in speech and interpersonal skills and a variety of physical symptoms that can significantly impact a person’s day to day life. 

With this in mind, Community Access Care offers a range of programs and activities to support children and families with various support needs. Below we have highlighted a few things you can do to best support a child with Autism. 

Understanding your child’s needs

As a parent, no one knows your child as well as you do. When caring for a child with autism, it is important to become aware of what supports they require and how they communicate their needs. For example, autistic children often form dependencies on specific routines and become stressed and anxious if they are not adhered to. Developing simple routines around daily activities like getting ready in the morning or preparing for bed can provide your child with a stable and comforting environment. 

As verbal communication can be a challenge for many autistic children, developing an understanding of your child’s nonverbal cues can be extremely helpful in ensuring you have an awareness of what particular concern they have and how best to resolve it. 

In-home and community care

The NDIS is designed to provide funding for tailored support. By partnering with a service provider like Community Access Care, you can work together to develop a support package that caters to your child’s specific needs. 

Through our in-home care services, our experienced staff can work with you to implement strategies that help your child to develop coping mechanisms to reduce their anxiety. We can assist with creating routines, identifying difficult behaviours, working through ways to mitigate them and help you to create a living space that is safe and comfortable.

With our transport and community services, your child can be exposed to places outside the home which helps to teach them ways to transfer their self-calming techniques to new environments. Transitioning between different activities and locations is an everyday necessity and community access programs provide ways to make those transitions as smooth and easy to handle as possible. 

Caring for a child with autism can seem overwhelming at times. However, NDIS support service providers like the dedicated team at Community Access Care can help you to develop the strategies necessary to provide your child with the care and supports necessary to help them live a fulfilling life.

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