Top 5 Benefits of Plan Management

Applying for, managing and implementing an NDIS plan is far from a ‘stress-free’ experience. Working with a plan manager, however, can help make the process easier, so you can focus on accessing the support you need to lead a fulfilling and independent life. 

Here’s some of the ways a plan manager can help you.

1. Choice of providers

What happens if you find the right provider but they aren’t NDIS registered? One major benefit of working with a plan manager is access to a broader range of service providers, registered and unregistered, giving you more choice and control over your support team.

2. Easier processing of claims

Claiming back funds from the NDIS can be a tricky business. Doing this requires an understanding of complex codes as well as how to navigate the submission portal. A good plan manager understands your NDIS plan inside and out and will be able to identify what claims can be made, ensuring your funding is utilised as effectively as possible.

3. Assistance with budgeting

Budgets are never easy to manage but it is incredibly important to keep track of your funding and how it’s allocated. 

A plan manager will help you track your spending and prevent your funding from being drained unnecessarily. They will also communicate with you to ensure that you understand what your financial position is with respect to your funding.

4. Understanding what can be claimed

The NDIS has certain criteria that define what may and may not be claimed by participants. Broadly, services that may be claimed must be “reasonable and necessary”. What does this mean? Here’s what the NDIS considers:

  • The service must be related to your disability.
  • The expense can’t be associated with a daily living cost like your groceries.
  • The service must be value for money. If an alternative service provider is readily available, and can effectively meet your needs at a lower cost, they should be utilised instead.
  • The service must be considered effective. If there is no clear evidence that a provider’s methods offer a tangible benefit, their services will not be covered.
  • A service must not be covered by another government department.

5. Benefit at no extra cost

If you opt for the services of a plan manager, you can rest assure that their services will not come at the cost of any other service. If you choose this path, the NDIS will provide funding specifically to cover the cost of using an NDIS registered plan manager.

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