Supported Independent Living (SIL)

One of the ways Community Access Care work toward our main goal of helping our Participants live as independently as possible is by offering our Supported Independent Living (SIL) service.

What Is Supported Independent Living(SIL)?

Supported Independent Living is a support service available to people with a disability that helps them live in their own homes as independently as possible. SIL homes require a 24/7 roster of various disability supports to ensure a Participant receives the highest quality of care and protection. This roster is overseen by a support coordinator and a parent or carer. 

A Community Access Care team member can help coordinate your support roster or work with your support coordinator, so you know your loved one is not only cared for but supervised, building their independent living skills. 

SIL supports include:

  • Daily Tasks
  • Transportation
  • Personal Care
  • Domestic Duties
  • Overnight Support

NDIS SIL Funding

SIL funding is used to pay staff providing disability services and care for SIL participants; it cannot be used for rent, utilities, groceries, etc. To be eligible for the NDIS’s SIL funding, the Participant’s disability must hinder their ability to live independently without supervision and require higher support needs and constant help at home. 

You can access NDIS SIL funding if you live with other NDIS participants but will be assessed on the support you will need based on the other participants’ living situation and level of disability.

Levels Of NDIS SIL Funding

SIL Funding is divided into three categories:

  1. Lower-need funding is usually not provided 24/7 but still constitutes living arrangement supervision. 
  1. Standard need funding provides 24/7 Participant support and supervision for most daily activities. 
  1. Complex need funding provides constant support, including:
  • Active 24/7 Support
  • Positive behaviour support to manage challenging behaviours
  • Daily Tasks Assistance
  • Personal Care Assistance
  • Medical Need Management

How SIL Funding Is Allocated

The process for SIL funding is slightly different to other NDIS funding processes. You will have a planning meeting and explain why, and what SIL support you need, but once approved, you will not be given an exact dollar amount. 

Working with your support coordinator, you will speak to the relevant support people (Disability Support Workers, Occupational Therapists etc.) to help determine the level of support you need. Following this, your support coordinator will help find the right SIL NDIS provider or (SIL provider).

A SIL provider will have established disability support services relationships and vouch for the people and companies they work with. They are your one-stop shop for disability support and possibilities within their SIL home and an invaluable advisor for the complex process. 

Once your SIL provider gives you a quote for the SIL home, your support coordinator will send the quote and all other relevant documents (assessments) to NDIS, and if approved, your funding amount will be more specific. 

We champion genuine modes of independent living services and cannot speak highly enough of Supported Independent Living and the positive effect it can have on Participants. 

We understand how nerve-wracking even the idea of beginning the process can be, so our team is here to answer any questions and talk through any concerns you may have. 

Get in touch with our friendly team, and we will assist you as soon as we can:
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