What support services are available for people with a disability?

With the introduction of the NDIS, people living with a disability have been given greater control over how they choose to engage with the disability support service sector. NDIS participants are able to allocate funding to the services they consider most important as well as choose which service providers they interact with.

So, what support services can people with a disability access? There is a wide variety of services available designed to enable them to achieve a level of self-determination and lead a fulfilling and independent life.

NDIS plan management services

Navigating the NDIS can seem like a daunting task at first. However, there are disability service providers who specialise in helping their clients get the most out of their NDIS funding. Some benefits to working with such providers are:

  • Help with developing an NDIS plan
  • Greater understanding of the services available
  • Helping clients to connect with the right service providers for their needs
  • Plan reviews to ensure clients are progressing towards achieving their goals
  • Managing plans for clients with particularly complex needs.

While CAC are not plan managers, we can refer you to a great plan manager to help manage your NDIS plan. 

Once you have developed your plan and decided on the supports and services you need, you can talk to us at CAC to help you get the support you need. Our support includes (but is not limited to:

In-home services

In-home services provide people living with a disability the support they require in their daily life. Community Access Care’s in-home services include but are not limited to:

  • Assistance with meal preparation
  • Yard maintenance for a pleasant outdoor area to enjoy
  • Assisting with domestic duties to ensure a clean and well maintained living space.

Community based services

It is important that anyone in need of disability support is afforded the opportunity to connect with their community and engage in social activities. Community Access Care puts a strong emphasis on community based activities and offers services including:

  • Transport to and from community pursuits
  • Assistance with shopping
  • Access to social groups
  • Assisting with pursuing recreational activities outside the home.

Employment services

Finding and maintaining employment is an important part of helping a person with a disability to lead an independent life. Disability employment services work with their clients to identify their interests and locate employment that is within their capacity. They may also provide ongoing support in the workplace to ensure they have the best opportunity to pursue a fulfilling work life.

At Community Access Care, we offer a School Leaver Employment Support program that empowers young people to kickstart their work life. By understanding their interests and building their career profile, we can help them navigate the employment landscape and achieve their fullest career potential.

Supported independent living

Supported independent living (SIL) programs aim to empower people with a disability to gain a level of autonomy with the assistance of trained support staff. The focus is on building the individual’s capacity for independent living through the training of essential life skills such as the ability to prepare meals and other domestic necessities.

Community Access Care takes a holistic approach to SIL services that includes domestic considerations to help clients maintain a clean and safe living arrangement along with community oriented services to enable them to partake in social interests. Ultimately, SIL programs such as ours are designed to foster independence in the people we work with and strengthen their confidence to take on decision making responsibilities in their own lives.

Accommodation support

There are various services targeting the accommodation concerns that people with a disability can experience. These can include:

  • Home modifications to improve accessibility
  • Individualised living options that allow clients to control how and where they live
  • Specialist disability accommodation for people living with extreme functional impairments
  • Short term accommodation to provide respite for carers
  • Medium term accommodation that may be utilised while long term options are organised.

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