Our Toowoomba Hub has Officially been Open for One Year

Toowoomba Hub

We are so proud and grateful to announce the Toowoomba Community Access Care Educational Hub has officially been open for one whole year!

Thank you to our Participants and their carers, who have continually entrusted us to provide disability support services to those who need them most. Plus, a massive thanks to the wonderful Toowoomba community for welcoming us and being a part of our journey. The local families and businesses have been pivotal in helping our Participants flourish in the Toowoomba community.

A Lot has Happened in One Year

It may have only been 12 months, but we have achieved so much and are excited to do so for years to come. 

Since its opening, our Toowoomba Hub has provided an extensive range of activities for Participants of all ages, ranging from School Holiday Programs, After School Care Programs, Women’s Groups, Men’s Groups, Community Excursions, Cooking Programs, and so much more. 

We have created ample opportunities for Participants to engage with the Toowoomba community with the help of local businesses. Our team is elated to have witnessed Participants build on their social skills and acquire vocational skills that helped them gain employment.

The Educational Hub remains the home to our Community Car Wash which provides meaningful and sustainable employment and training opportunities to people living with a disability in our community. 

The qualities and skills our Participants have gained are the building blocks to furthering their skills elsewhere and leading more independent lives, and we are delighted to have been a part of that.

What’s Next for Community Access Care?

We will continue to provide the highest quality of support for people living with a disability and deliver our services with the highest level of care. We champion inclusivity in our community and are dedicated to creating a safe space for Participants at our Educational Hub and throughout Toowoomba.  

Our promise to provide in-home to community-oriented activities for our Participants drives our disability support services. We will continually create innovative ways to help Participants achieve their goals while building meaningful, long-lasting relationships. 

Our team remains dedicated to our mission, providing truly personalised disability care and making a real difference in the lives of those we support.

Community Access Care began dedicated to helping people with disabilities gain more independence, and we are proud of what we have achieved so far at our Toowoomba Hub.

Stay tuned, there is so much more to come. 


Thanks again,

Community Access Care team.

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