Our New Toowoomba Hub is Open!

Our new Educational Hub in Toowoomba recently opened on Saturday, May 7th. Many people have come together to fit out this community Hub and make it perfect for CAC Participants, and our team are so excited to welcome you to our new Hub. 

You won’t see our corporate team in a big head office in a city somewhere, they are in our community Hubs, interacting and communicating with our support team and our Participants on a daily basis.

Our journey

CAC was founded in Bundaberg in 2019 by Julie McCracken, a disability support carer whose life-long ambition has been to provide high-quality disability care to her community, centred on family, and autonomy for those living with a disability. 

Our presence in Bundaberg has grown over the years, and we now offer a full suite of services covering in-home and community-oriented activities. We are thrilled to now extend our services to Toowoomba, and bring our passion for high-quality care and focus on independence. So, with that in mind, what do we have going on?

Our services

Our support services in Toowoomba will range from Supported Independent Living (SIL), Short Term Accommodation and Respite, Social and Community Participation, Individualised Living Options (ILO), Daily Living Skills, Children and Youth Services, School Leaver Employment Supports, Travel and Transport, Domestic Assistance, Health and Mobility Support and Behaviour Support. Our care and support is personalised so our Participants are enabled to work towards their own goals and achieve a higher level of independence. 

Our Participant Activities

Our Toowoomba Educational Hub has an extensive range of activities for Participants of all ages ranging from After School Care Program, School Holiday Program, Men’s Group, Women’s Group and Social BBQ’s, Cooking Program, Job Readiness Program, Arts and Crafts and Community Participation.

Our Toowoomba Hub is also home to our Community Car Wash which provides meaningful and sustainable employment and training opportunities to people living with a disability in our community. The qualities and skills our Participants will acquire through the program will give them the experience to further their skills elsewhere. 

Our mission at Community Access Care is to provide truly personalised disability care and to make a real difference in the lives of those we care for. As we are a family-owned and operated business, we always make sure our Participants feel part of the family too. 

Get in touch with our friendly team, and we will assist you as soon as we can:
Phone: 1300 522 104
Email: [email protected]