New Year, New Participant Goals

Happy new year to our Community Access Care community! 

We all know a new year is a fresh start and a great opportunity to reflect on the year before. For our Participants and carers, now is a great time to assess Participant goals for 2023 and engage with the relevant disability services to get a plan in place. 

Think about where your Participant progressed or regressed in 2022. How have their wants or needs to lead a happier, more fulfilling life changed?

Community Engagement

Increased community participation is proven to improve well-being and quality of life. For people with disabilities who can feel disconnected from their communities due to their disability, community engagement is key in boosting their confidence and mental health. 

This is why Community Access Care is dedicated to providing as many social and life skills-building situations for our Participants. 

Our interactive monthly activity calendars feature various activities, including cooking programs, woodwork and sewing. These activities allow participants to socialise while improving their motor skills in a fun, inclusive and fully-supervised environment. 

Our team regularly takes Participants on community excursions, including:

  • The zoo
  • The beach
  • Bowling
  • Fishing
  • Movies
  • Local swimming pool

Our BBQ has quickly become a favourite Community Access Care offering. Held weekly on Wednesday 11:30-1:30pm, it gives Participants the best chance to improve their social skills in a safe, face-to-face setting with their community.


Employment for people with disabilities is an invaluable way to build on their social skills. Being a workforce member can allow Participants to make new friends by working in a team and participating in workplace activities and events. 

Working can also help Participants improve their work and life skills through on-the-job training and opportunities to attend workshops or further education courses. Taking advantage of these upskilling opportunities will make a Participant more valuable to current and future employers. 

Being in the workplace is an environment where people are encouraged and rewarded for giving every task their best effort. Trying hard and completing tasks gives a feeling of self-accomplishment and, like all things Community Access Care offers our Participants, will boost their confidence.

And let’s not forget working means the Participant earns an income they are responsible for, giving them financial independence. 

For Participants who may not be ready to work out in the community, we offer our Community Car Wash at our Toowoomba educational hub. The car wash lets Participants engage with the community in a safe space and gives them a sense of achievement and purpose by washing community members’ cars.

Living More Independently

It’s no secret Community Access Care is devoted to helping our Participants live as independently as possible. While cutting the chord can be a daunting experience for parents and carers, realising your Participant is ready to live independently from you (in a supported space) is an exciting and reaffirming time.

Our Supported Independent Living (SIL) services enable Participants to improve their daily living skills and boost their confidence and assurance of being able to care for themselves. 

Rest assured, SIL homes must have a 24/7 disability support roster overseen by an NDIS registered support coordinator, parent or carer. You are not washing the hands of your Participant and can be as involved as you like in the delivery of support and disability services they receive. 

A Community Access Care member can work with your appointed support coordinator or you to ensure your Participant receives the highest level of care and supervision while improving on their independent living skills.

Goals for 2023

Setting personal goals is a great opportunity to assess your progress and spark your drive to continue that energy. Participants’ benefits of setting goals relating to social, employment and independent living are endless. 

We hope this information is a useful 2023 goal-setting starting point for Participants.


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