How to use the NDIS to get more independence

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is one of the most groundbreaking programs ever implemented into disability care. One of the most important reforms it introduced is the unprecedented levels of control it affords its participants. Now, with direct access to funding and the right to engage whichever service providers they deem necessary, NDIS participants have more opportunity to achieve an independent way of life than ever before. So, how can an NDIS plan assist people with a disability to lead a more independent life?

Navigating the NDIS

Engaging with the NDIS for the first time can be a difficult and intimidating prospect. However, there are options available to ensure that people with a disability can be confident they are utilising their NDIS funding in a way that best suits their needs and leads to a prosperous and independent lifestyle. 

Plan managers can help clients understand what services are available and develop a plan that reflects their goals, ensuring their needs are met and their funding is used effectively. In the absence of a plan manager, a local area coordinator can work with people with a disability to understand what services they require and help them connect with the correct providers. 

Disability accommodation services

NDIS funded accommodation services can help NDIS participants live more autonomously. Shared accommodation is most commonly available and provides people with a disability the opportunity to live with people of a similar age and develop a social circle outside of their family. Community Access Care’s accommodation services provide access to a range of living options to satisfy any set of requirements. 

Services are also available to ensure that any accommodation is fitted with the infrastructure necessary to allow a person with a disability to live safely in the residence. This may include alterations to improve accessibility or to make spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens more functional and easily navigated. 

In-home disability services

NDIS registered disability support service providers such as Community Access Care are focused on working with clients and their loved ones to help them attain a level of independence within the home appropriate to their circumstances. 

In-home services encompass many facets of domestic life. Support staff may assist clients in understanding how to prepare healthy meals, develop skills around personal hygiene, maintaining a tidy living space and more. 

Disability Employment Services

Being able to secure a job is an important part of independence. It not only allows a person with a disability to support themselves, even if only partially, by earning their own money, it forms a strong community tie and a sense of contribution to society. 

Employment services can provide upskilling to get someone with a disability job ready and connect them with employers offering employment opportunities suitable for their circumstances. They may also continue to work with the client to ensure they are integrated into the workplace in a safe and productive way that suits all parties. 

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