How Disability Care Enables Independent Living

Enabling people living with a disability to pursue a fulfilling and independent life should be at the forefront of disability support. Community Access Care is fully dedicated to working with clients to help them realise a level of independence tailored to their unique needs. Our independent business model owned and directed by registered nurse and carer, Julie McCracken, ensures the company is solely focused on what matters most, our Participants being able to live their best life, as independently as possible. 

A support program geared towards independence empowers people with a disability to take on responsibility for daily necessities in the home as well as introducing opportunities to participate in the community. This builds confidence which is a critical element in assisting people with a disability to enjoy an independent way of life. 

A crucial step the Federal Government has taken to put independence at the centre of disability care is the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). This program has been pivotal in allowing people with a disability to have greater control over their circumstances.

The NDIS promotes confidence and self-determination by placing the individual in charge of decisions regarding how they will engage with disability support through their NDIS support package, rather than funding being given directly to service providers. This allows people with a disability to have greater control of the decision-making process in their own life.

Home Care

Community Access Care’s home care services are targeted towards empowering people with a disability to live in their own space. With support from our carers, routine domestic activities can be approached in a way that enables a person to have greater responsibility and autonomy in their daily lives. 

For example, providing assistance with meal preparation, among other domestic duties, improves the life skills necessary for independent living; and these can be developed in a systematic way that is mindful of an individual’s capacity.

Community Participation

Beyond developing the confidence to take on domestic responsibilities, having opportunities to participate in the community is also a critical element in leading a fulfilling independent life. For example, having access to transport services to safely access facilities like a supermarket helps people with a disability to directly participate in grocery purchasing decisions. 

Community Access Care’s transport services also provide a way to connect socially by engaging with social groups of like-minded people. Being able to socialise in a safe and supportive environment can effectively extend a person’s support network and build greater self-esteem. Finding a place in the social sphere can also allow people with a disability to pursue individual interests like hobbies and other activities. 

Developing an independent way of life can be a very difficult and confronting journey, both for a person with a disability and their loved ones. However, with the right support systems in place, it is eminently achievable and ultimately extremely rewarding. With our highly experienced staff, Community Access Care is perfectly placed to help you realise these goals.

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