How Community Access Care Approaches Short Term Accommodation (Respite) 

Short term accommodation services provide carers with an opportunity to step away from the role for a short time and allow people with a disability to have a short stay away from their home. So, how does it work?

What is Short Term Accommodation (respite)?

Short term accommodation allows carers the space to take time for themselves while providing those being cared for with a chance to enjoy a short period out of the house in the presence of trained staff who can take care of their needs. 

The length of your stay can vary, depending on what is needed. You could simply stay the day to have a cup of coffee, overnight or enjoy the weekend and have a small holiday.

Community Access Care’s short term accommodation services

Community Access Care’s short term accommodation properties are a home away from home for people with a disability. It also means that your family or carer can get some time to unwind too. It’s a win-win! 

While staying in our short term accommodation, our Participants will be able to access a variety of services. Perhaps you require help with in-home support like meal planning, meal preparation or assistance with showering and getting dressed. 

We also care about connecting our clients with the local community. Our community access services include transport options to provide effective reach to activities and social outings, including shopping and going to the beach. 

Ensuring our Participants can access all of their independent living needs including both in-home and community-based activities is something Community Access Care prides itself on. 

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