A guide to developing life skills for adults with a disability

Carers seeking to help the people they care for attain greater independence in their life involves assisting them in developing the life skills necessary to be able to take ownership of personal responsibilities. There are a range of areas of life that can be worked on which, if approached properly, will enable someone living with a disability to live well independently.

Domestic life skills

Attaining a sense of independence through the development of life skills may start in the home. Essential domestic skills like how to fix healthy meals are a good start. This can involve discussing basic nutrition, the importance of washing hands prior to food preparation, how to use cooking utilities as well as washing the dishes afterwards. 

Establish routines around day to day tasks like getting ready in the morning. This can include practice getting dressed, showering and brushing teeth. It is useful at first to share household chores such as tidying up living spaces and helping to do the laundry with a view to empowering a person with a disability to potentially take these responsibilities on independently. This can lead to a sense of satisfaction at contributing to the running of the household. 

Working on improving daily living skills and domestic assistance options are core services we offer at Community Access Care which we provide in a family oriented way that recognises loved ones are an integral part of our clients’ journey to independent living. 

Developing social skills

Being able to socialise and make friends is critical to enjoying an independent life for anyone living with a disability. Often, supported independent living arrangements are in shared accommodation. Learning to get along with roommates and share household tasks effectively can ease some of the burden of daily chores and increase enjoyment of their living arrangements. Community Access Care has extensive experience helping people across a range of different support requirements find accommodation suitable to their needs. 

Getting involved in the community is an important factor in social development. Take advantage of centre-based activities or explore other avenues to allow someone with a disability to connect with a social group outside the home. This may also require learning to use public transport. Community Access Care can help those in need of support in learning to use public transport as part of our commitment to enhance the daily life skills of our clients. Our experienced team can also assist clients in accessing community based services through our own safe transportation options to and from social activities.  

Upskilling for employment

Finding gainful employment can be extremely rewarding for a person with a disability. Earning your own income allows you to enjoy a genuinely independent life by supporting yourself, at least in part, as well as a sense of pride at contributing to your community.

Employment services can help in a number of ways including identifying interests that are within the person’s capacity and developing the skills necessary to secure employment. They can also connect them with available employers and continue to monitor their progress in the workplace.

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