Four Tips to Avoid Overspending

The funding that you receive as part of your NDIS plan can make a HUGE difference in helping you to achieve your goals and live your life. To help you better understand managing your NDIS funding, we wanted to share our five top tips to avoid overspending on your NDIS budget.

1. Breakdown your NDIS plan

There are three key support categories in your NDIS plan – Core Supports, Capital Supports and Capacity Building Supports. Each category will have a different amount of funding. Once you are aware of the funding for each support category, breaking your plan down into smaller sections will help you to establish the different funds that can be used for each week, fortnight or month.

2. Online tracking

The NDIS Participant portal is known as myplace. Using this portal can help you to maintain control and choice over your NDIS funding. You can view how much of your funding has been used and how much is remaining.

3. Use your Service Agreement

A Service Agreement outlines the types of service that you are being provided with, how long they will be provided for, any additional fees and terms & conditions, and the cost of the services. This is a great tool to manage your NDIS funding.

4. It’s never too late!

If you manage to overspend on your NDIS plan, reach out for help in getting you back on track. 

At Community Access Care, we are entirely transparent with our pricing, and pride ourselves on our collaborative approach to disability care. Whether you are in need of in-home care, assistance connecting with your community, or want to improve your life skills to fully enjoy your independence, our team is here to ensure your funding will always be utilised effectively with us. 

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