How CAC Approaches Supported Independent Living

Being able to maintain a sense of independence in our lives is important to all of us. While many of us take it for granted that we can live our lives according to our own desires, some community members require extra support to maintain a sense of independence and control over their lives. 

It is critical that the support they require is, as much as possible, provided to them in a way that enhances their ability to live independently. It is with this in mind Community Access Care always considers the best ways to approach supported independent living

Client focused approach

The particular needs of clients must be considered on an individual basis, which means a focus on tailoring care in collaboration with the client is essential, and we feel is our point of difference. Supported independent living services concentrate on the assistance clients need in their daily lives and, as such, must have the flexibility to adapt as a client’s circumstances change. Knowing the requirements of each client can only be gained by developing an understanding and rapport with them.

The relationship between a carer and those they are caring for should be friendly but professional. Our carers are very well liked by our community of participants, and you can rest assured professionalism and the safety of those being cared for is at the forefront of all supported living arrangements.

Staying connected with the community

It can be all too easy for people requiring added support in their day-to-day lives to become withdrawn from their community. Community Access Care’s supported independent living programs are developed to enable our participants to remain socially connected. 

There are many different ways to make sure that people in a supported independent living situation are empowered to stay connected with their community. Community Access Care offers a variety of services to promote community participation. Our travel and transport services ensure that clients can always access necessities such as medical appointments and shopping. Fun social outings and engaging group activities are also essential elements of supported independent living packages, as is reflected in our community oriented programs. 

Assisting vulnerable people in need of support to remain independent in their living arrangements is an important responsibility that we take very seriously. It is crucial to keep their individual needs in the foreground to ensure they receive the services they feel are right for their circumstances.

Ensuring clients can access all of their independent living needs including both in-home and community based activities is something Community Access Care prides itself on.

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